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"Gaziantep,Capital of Agriculture Industry"

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Welcome to Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market…

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market takes firm steps forward to be a global organization leading the economy at international level with huge projects and investments planned to be implemented in agriculture sector.
Gaziantep, the production center of Turkey based on its continuously developing industry and export day by day, is a model for whole world in the process of agricultural products to transform into value added products. The city meets about whole of export volume of Turkey alone especially in many important sectors such as macaroni, bulgur, flour and vegetable oil production and operates as an agriculture station in the region.
Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market, one of the leader organizations directing the commercial life of Gaziantep, is getting ready to open a new era as a result of exclusive projects such as Stock Exchange for Product Expertise, Licensed Warehousing Business and Meat Market and Electronic Product Bonds Platform.
Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market, aiming to provide service in world standards for farmers, tradesmen and enterprises laboring and  sweating blood during the blessed journey of agriculture products from soil to dining table,  aims to take place in Global stock market.
We wish you to introduce with the food industry developing by using the state-of-the-art-technology and the export and import of Gaziantep…


Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market
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