Gaziantep, the biggest city of Southeastern Anatolia Region and the 6th biggest city of Turkey, appears like a metropolitan because of its population, economic potential and metropolitan status.

Gaziantep, as one of the first settlements of Anatolia, had passed the periods of Chalcolithic, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hittite, Mitanni, Assyria, Persian, Alexander the Great, Seleucid Empire, Rome, Byzantium, Islamic, Turkish-Islamic and Ottoman Empire and brought the works of these periods until today. Being located between Mesopotamia and Mediterranean and at an intersection going from South and Mediterranean to east, North and west including historical Silk Road has directed the history of previous civilizations and today and maintained to be the cultural and commercial center in every period. 

Gaziantep and surrounding take place between Mesopotamia and Mediterranean where the first civilizations had emerged during history. Because of this reason, Gaziantep has been the residential area and mecca for human communities since prehistoric ages. The inner old city locates in Dülük Village of today that is in 12 km northwest of Gaziantep of today. The Stone, chalcolithic and copper remains, found as a result of archaeological excavations, reveals that the region is one of the first settlements in Anatolia. Gaziantep had entered into the domination of Babel Empire for a while and become a city of the Hittite Empire during 1700s B.C.  “ DÜLÜK” city has a particular importance since it had been the religious center of the Hittite Empire.

The ruins of many ancient settlement areas such as Belkıs/Zeugma from Hellenistic, Rome and Byzantine periods had survived until today. Many mosques, madrassah, caravanserais and public baths had been constructed during Seljuks,Mamelukes and Ottoman periods and the city had developed in the manufacture, trade and handicrafts fields at the same time. These caravanserais and public baths are still working today and continue to be the centers where the trade and unique handicrafts values are kept alive. The temples of these periods continue their existences with a great magnificence and meet the religious services of the common people.  

Gaziantep and surrounding, occupied by the British and the French after the World War I, had evoked admiration in all the world as a result of its mind-blowing defense and unique heroism. T.B.M.M. (the Grand National Assembly of Turkey) entitled the city as ‘GAZİ’ (honorary title for war veterans) in 8 February 1921 because of its success in the war. It is still possible to find the traces of this period.

Gaziantep, as the enter of GAP in terms of geographical position and the center of GAP in terms of industrial and trade volume, affects many cities around it because of its economic capacity. Gaziantep, of which 1%4 is consisted of agricultural plains and watered by Fırat River, is a rich agricultural region by farming high economic value industrial crops such as pistachio, olive, cotton, grape, chili pepper, flax, etc and cereals such as lentil, wheat, barley, etc. Gaziantep is also an industry and trade center in which all crops of Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia Regions are processed and put on domestic and foreign markets. Four organized industrial zones, many industrial fields, small scaled industrial estates and free zones of Gaziantep provide it a significant value in economic and industry fields.

Gaziantep Cuisine is in an exclusive position among all world cuisine and Tourism sector of the city since it has maintained the rich traditional and regional special tastes during years.

Gaziantep is one of the most important tourism centers of the last years with its memories of War of Independence, rich historical and cultural surrounding, highway in service, international airport satisfying the needs of region, position as the enter of GAP, train station, delicious meals, rich handicrafts, mosaics, mosques, castles, ancient cities, archaeological sites, caravanserais, public baths, tombs, churches, plateaus, plains, tour and recreation areas, baklava and pistachio called with its name, industrial facilities, buoyancy and other aspects.  


Gaziantep is included in the Metropolitan Status and has total 9 districts as three districts locate in the center of the city.   

Şahinbey(Center), Şehit Kamil(Center), Oğuzeli (Center), Nizip, İslahiye, Araban, Yavuzeli, Nurdağı and Karkamış.