Quality Policy

A prestigious and leader organization directing the national and international economy by contributing to the commercial, socio-economical and cultural structure of the city in particular and the country in general with the social responsibility awareness.  
Ensures an effective and reliable competition environment with determination, registration and announcement of supply and demand according to the real market price by using changing trade methods in the scope of professional stock exchange understanding and provides quality service for stakeholders. 
Quality Policy
An organization experiencing self-evaluation by presenting continuously improving, focused on perfectness and process-based services to all stakeholders without compromising on quality in the scope of TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TOBB Chamber/Exchange Market Accreditation System. 
Financial Policy
Realizes the expenditures in compliance with the legal budget approved by the parliament by increasing the income from stock exchange in the frame of the Law no 5174, ensures the financial growth by putting the investments of the stock exchange into good use and provides maximum profit with minimum cost without decreasing the quality of work and services, determines and periodically reviews the financial risks and plans preventive measures for these risks.  
Human Resources Policy
•    Develops continuous satisfaction of employees to provide quality service for members
•    Raises the awareness of employees to achieve the targets determined in the Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plan of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market, 
•    Employs personnel who are responsible, high educated, open to changes, entrepreneurial, result-oriented and aiming to develop themselves and business for organization, 
•    Ensures the personnel to develop themselves as individuals who are faithful to the organization, acting in love and respect, high motivated and proper for team work as a result of trainings to be organized, 
•    Provides peaceful, merry and suitable work environment for for changing conditions to increase the performance of employees to gain maximum benefit from skills and capacities of employees,  
•    Creates equality of opportunity for employees without making language, religion and race discrimination.
Member Relations and Complaint Management Policy
•    Increases the quality standards to provide rapid and quality services for members,
•    Provides good-humored service and prioritize the satisfaction of members, 
•    Conducts lobbying activities for members,
•    Determines the training needs of members and organizes training activities for members and employees of members,
•    Determine the problems of members, finds and applies the solutions for these problems as soon as possible,
•    Assesses the complaints, requests and problems of members fairly  without prejudice and propose solutions for them,
•    Finds rapid and effective solutions for the needs of members,
•    Conducts activities to make contribution to the social and commercial activities of the members.
Information Technologies Policy
Improves the corporate infrastructure and ensures the information security by following up the technological innovations and sector developments in stock exchange transactions in order to make contribution to the commercial life of the members and provide quality service in world standards. 
Communication and Publication Policy
Ensures the information share and communication by effective use of mass media to inform the members and stakeholders about the produced information and conducted activities in a health, rapid and direct manner.
Basic Values
•    Satisfaction of members
•    Equal and Objective Service
•    Confidentiality
•    Employee satisfaction
•    Team working
•    Social responsibility
•    Innovator
•    Open to change
•    Reliability and Honest
•    Organization-oriented
Ethical Values
•    Respectful
•    Honest
•    Objective
•    Reliable
•    Confidentiality
•    Transparent
•    Fair
•    Responsible
•    Open to change a