Our Mission, Vision, and Policies


Leading Gaziantep to become Turkey's center of attraction in the agriculture and livestock sector by 2030 and to achieve excellence in institutionalization.


To increase the competitiveness of our members with effective and innovative methods.

Quality Policy

TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 10002 Member Satisfaction Management System and within the scope of the T.O.B.B. Chambers/Commodity Exchanges Accreditation System;

  • Focused on ensuring interested party contentment,
  • Using technology in every field,
  • Working under the legislation,
  • Fulfilling the applicable requirements of the standards for which we are responsible,
  • To be an institution that constantly improves itself through self-assessments and comparisons.

Financial Affairs Policy

Increasing the economic growth of the commodity exchange within the framework of the law numbered 5174, to carry out expenses following the statutory budget approved by the council, ensuring financial growth by evaluating the investments of the commodity exchange in the most ideal way, providing maximum benefit with minimum consumption without reducing the quality of work and service.

Determining the issues that will pose a risk in terms of finance and planning preventive activities by periodically reviewing them under the principles of transparency and accountability.

Human Resources Policy

  • To continuously improve employee satisfaction to provide high-quality service to our members.
  • To raise the awareness of the employees to achieve the targets set in the Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plan of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange.
  • To provide our institution with responsible, highly educated, open to change, entrepreneurial, result-oriented personnel who aim to improve themselves and their business.
  • To turn our employees into individuals who are loyal to the Institution, nourished by the culture of love and respect, highly motivated, and adopt teamwork through the training to be provided.
  • To provide a peaceful, happy, fair, equitable, and suitable working environment that will increase the motivation and performance of our employees by taking into account the suggestions and expectations of our employees to obtain maximum benefit from their knowledge and skills.
  • To create equal opportunities for employees based on merit and performance, without discrimination of language, religion, or race.
  • To give utmost importance to all administrative and technical measures in the legal protection of Personal Data under the KVK Law No. 6698.

Member Relations and Handling Complaints Policy

  • To carry our quality standards to a higher level and to provide fast and high-quality service to our members,
  • To prioritize member satisfaction by providing friendly service,
  • To carry out lobbying activities for our members,
  • Organizing training for our members and their employees by determining the training needs of the members,
  • To find and provide solutions to problems as soon as possible, by identifying the problems from our members.
  • To evaluate the complaints, requests, and problems of our members in an objective and impartial, unbiased, and fair manner under legal obligations and laws, adhering to the principles of transparency and confidentiality, and to provide solutions,
  • To produce fast and effective solutions in line with member needs,
  • To carry out activities that will contribute to the social and commercial activities of our members,
  • To provide all kinds of resources, from conveying complaints, requests, and problems to our Exchange, to solving them.

Information Technology Policy

To contribute to the business life of our members and to provide world-class quality service, to continuously improve the institutional infrastructure, and to ensure information security by following the sectoral developments and technological innovations in stock exchange transactions.

Information Security Management System Policy

The main theme of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) is in Borsa İstanbul services; To demonstrate that information security management is provided within the human, infrastructure, software, hardware, interested party information, organizational information, third-party information, and financial resources, to secure risk management and turn it into an opportunity, to measure information security management process performance and to assess information security-related issues. To regulate relations with third parties.


In this direction, the purpose of our ISMS Policy;

  1. To protect the information assets of our Exchange against all kinds of threats that may occur knowingly or unknowingly, from inside or outside, to ensure accessibility to information as necessary through business processes, to meet the requirements of legal regulations, to work towards continuous improvement,
  2. To ensure the continuity of the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System in all activities carried out.
  • Confidentiality: Preventing unauthorized access to important information,
  • Integrity: Demonstrating that the accuracy and integrity of the information is provided,
  • Accessibility: Demonstrating the accessibility of information when necessary by those with authority.
  1. Not only data kept electronically; To deal with the security of all data is written, printed, oral and similar media.
  2. To raise awareness by giving Information Security Management training to all personnel.
  3. To report all actual or suspicious vulnerabilities in Information Security to the ISMS Team and to ensure that they are investigated by the ISMS Team.
  4. Prepare, maintain and test business continuity plans.
  5. To determine the existing risks by making periodic evaluations on Information Security.
  6. As a result of the evaluations, review and follow the action plans.
  7. To prevent all kinds of disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise from contracts.
  8. To meet business requirements for information accessibility and information systems.
  9. To achieve the intended outputs of the management system by providing continuous improvement.

Communication and Press Release Policy

To ensure information sharing and communication by transmitting the information produced in the institution and the works carried out in the institution to our members and interested parties in a healthy, fast and accurate manner by using the mass media actively and effectively.

Social Media Communication Policy

Purpose and Organization

To ensure that Gaziantep Commodity Exchange and its affiliates are informed about activities, meetings, events, announcements, and information; Our social media accounts have been created to establish a strong two-way communication network with our members and followers of private/legal persons.


Social Media: It is a media system that provides access from one-way information sharing to two-sided and simultaneous information sharing, with the introduction of Web 2.0 to the service of users. In addition, social media; is a form of human communication in which people share and discuss with each other on the internet without the limitation of time and place (mobile-based).

BYB: Press Release Unit

GTB: Gaziantep Commodity Exchange


Gaziantep Commodity Exchange (GTB) social media accounts are managed by the Corporate Communications Unit affiliated with the General Secretariat. It is the only unit responsible for content production and sharing.

Accounts managed by BYB (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin) are official accounts of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange and there are links on the official website of www.gtb.org.tr.

Images, videos, statistics, and all articles shared in the accounts are produced by BYB.

Materials whose design does not belong to the institution are prepared by the contracted solution partner agencies or used with the permission of the owner.

The photos belonging to the agriculture, food, and livestock sectors used in Gaziantep Commodity Exchange social media accounts are copyrighted and this right is kept confidential until legal processes are in unauthorized use.

General Principles

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange;

  • Respects copyrights.
  • Does not share the content that it has not designed without the permission of the owners.
  • Treats all users and followers equally.
  • Does not share unproven content.
  • Does not make posts that are contrary to the customs and traditions of the society or that are suitable for misunderstandings.
  • Uses plain Turkish language, and shares posts away from all kinds of insults and slang.
  • Does not share the information of users under the Personal Data Protection Law.
  • Is impartial. (Language, religion, race does not discriminate).
  • Does not share biased political content.
  • Does not make hidden or open advertisements in the shares.
  • Deletes negative comments with profanity and insults on the posts, because they will set a bad example.
  • Responds to questions posed on social media.
  • Reserves the right to change or update its own designed content.
  • User login addresses and passwords of social media accounts are available to KIB personnel.
  • Does not accept responsibility for the comments made by third parties under the posts.


Current policy; It is reviewed annually by the person(s) responsible for content and design management and updated when necessary.


Gaziantep Commodity Exchange reserves the right not to allow comments, messages, and posts other than the rules specified in the General Principles and to ban/block the user who publishes them. When necessary, the social media follower will be prevented from following the relevant social media account.

Fundamental Principles

  • Reliability: Truthfulness and honesty are our main priorities in all our business processes and relationships.
  • Impartiality: We stand at an equal distance and provide equal service to all our members and interested parties without any discrimination.
  • Visibility: We are committed to being accountable to our interested parties in accordance with the principle of transparency and accountability in the conduct of all our activities.
  • Sharing: We offer the knowledge and experience we have gained from collaborations and the studies we participate into the service of all our interested parties.
  • Innovation: We follow developments that concern our interested parties across the entire platform and lead their implementation.
  • Social Responsibility: It is our tradition to serve and share with society in all areas of social life.
  • Respecting the Law: We respect national and universal legal rules in all our activities.
  • Interested Party Oriented: Establishes relationships based on trust and respect with all its interested parties, and bases its services and activities on interested party expectations and demands.