Gaziantep Commodity Exchange (GTB) is a public legal entity established to deal with the purchase and sale of items included in the exchange and the determination, registration and announcement of prices formed in the exchange, within the scope of the Law No. 5174 on the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, which was established on August 15, 1958, and has been serving the regional farmers and producers in its modern campus in GATEM since 1997, aims to meet the needs of all its members and the South-eastern Anatolia Region with its new service building in Mücahitler as of 2021.

Innovative and pioneering  

GTB creates free market conditions by bringing together buyers and sellers, thus enabling the product to find its true value. Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, which has achieved many firsts with its modern stock market understanding, also provides an important service to the industrialists in the region with the most comprehensive Special Food Control Laboratory in the region. Being the capital of Turkey's agriculture-based industry, GTB aims to add vision projects such as Product Special Exchange, Licensed Warehousing and Meat Exchange to its pioneering works such as Electronic Product Bills Platform and Mobile Application, which it brought to life.

In this context, Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Registration Bureau located in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone and Livestock Registration Office located in Gaziantep Organized Livestock Zone provide the members in this zone with the opportunity and convenience to make their transactions without coming to the head office.

Membership profile of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange

Individual companies in Gaziantep Commodity Exchange are real members; In addition to joint stock and limited companies, cooperatives are also members of legal personality. Real and legal members are classified according to their capital amount as first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth degree.

GTB, which closed the year it was founded in 1958 with 187 members, reached 806 members on its 25th anniversary, and a total of 1,753 members today, and is among the top seven stock exchanges in Turkey with the highest number of registrations.

The corporate and administrative   structure of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange

There are 12 occupational groups in Gaziantep Commodity Exchange. According to the number of members of these professional groups, there are 12 professional committees consisting of five or seven people. In order to represent all of them, two or three people elected from each committee, again according to the number of members, form the Exchange Assembly. The members of the Exchange Council, which consists of 30 people, are appointed to this duty for a period of 4 years through elections. Within the Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Assembly, a 9-person Board of Directors, whose term of office is four years, is formed. In Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, also under the General Secretariat; There are units such as Registry, Statistics, Private Office, Data Processing, Registry, Accounting, Project and Sales Halls and approximately 30 experienced personnel work in these units.

An overview on  the future and objectives

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, which applied for the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certificate in 2005 in order to improve its services and increase customer satisfaction as an institution with a clear vision and high goals with the changing times and developing technology, registered its service quality by obtaining the Quality Management System certificate in 2006.

It has been stated by TOBB that GTB, which continues its services as the 7th Term Accredited Exchange within the scope of the Chamber/Exchange accreditation project, has a high potential to increase the quality of service provided to its members during the Accreditation audits.

According to the statistics made by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, GTB, with a total transaction volume of 10,664,642,535.11 TL as of 2019, ranks among the top 7 among 113 Commodity Exchanges across Turkey.

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange has prepared a Strategic Action Plan within the scope of Accreditation in order to further its member satisfaction-oriented services and to keep up with the developments in the world. This plan is the product of a special study prepared to explain the main objectives and activities of the GTB, which guides its corporate identity and what it does and why.

GTB has also started sister exchange studies in order to make comparisons and performance evaluations within the scope of the Chamber/Exchange Accreditation project, to increase mutual information exchange, to produce joint projects that contribute to the development of exchanges, and to carry the service quality to higher levels.

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange has undertaken a historical mission in protecting, registering, and promoting the production of the cultural product Pistachio, and aims to keep the golden age of Pistachio alive with its initiatives before the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, which contributes to the commercial-socio-economic and cultural life of the city, and the country in general, with a sense of social responsibility, beyond providing existing Stock Exchange services, aims to provide the best service to the farmers and operators in the fastest way, in an integrated manner with the world stock exchanges, with a global management approach. has adopted the principle.

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange, which is sensitive to the problems of the city it lives in and takes it as its duty to add value to the society it lives with; With the social and cultural activities it has brought to life, it continues to make serious contributions to urban life today, as it did yesterday.